It’s beginning to look a lot like………

Thank you so much for writing this. A lot of us must have been thinking of you and wondering how things were going
. You’ve bravely weathered a dreadful month and another Christmas. Wishing you and your family much less dreadful pressure and greater peace of mind in 2015 xx

Justice for Nico

If you’re ever offered an inquest 2 weeks before Christmas Day – say no.

As we walked from the train to the coroner’s court through the beautiful Christmas streets decked out with lights and with jolly Christmas songs and carols playing in every shop and on every corner, it only served to make us feel more desolate and isolated from the world around us.

I would like to apologise with all sincerity for not writing anything in the last two weeks. So many people have sent me wonderful messages of support and genuine concern in the days leading up to Nico’s inquest and I’ve hardly answered a single one of them or even acknowledged that I’m still here following the inquest.

Heart-warming tweets and some lovely blogs have been written in solidarity with us and I’ve not acknowledged a single one. This makes me feel terribly guilty. So I want…

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