wisegrannie girl

Wisegrannie is the best side of me.  It’s the side that started blogging in 2014 to support a campaign for justice for young learning disabled people in the UK.

The worst side of me just goes down the pub.

I live in London most of the time, but I also spend time in Spain.

I was born in 1945. Because it was an important year, the end of World War 2, when I was little I thought I must be very special too.

In a way I was. It meant I was young in the Sixties, when the world was full of hope, optimism and music.

I was a teacher, because in those days young women who passed their school exams became teachers or secretaries or nurses or worked in a bank. The Sixties didn’t really swing for most of us, only for the privileged few, but the clothes were lovely and the movies were wonderful.

It meant I was in at the start and the growth of the digital age.  I grew up in a pen and paper world.  To find something out you had to go to a library and look it up in a book.  You had to copy things out long hand and trace the images.

It meant I straddled two worlds.  How I give thanks for smartphones, the internet, social media, online shopping and access to all the people, music, movies and information I could ever wish for!

But I’m grateful I knew the world before them too.

I’ve been a witness to a very special era.

I became Wisegrannie to tell stories about what I learnt.

Because that’s what grannies do – in the old world and the new.



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