Lesson 82 Glimpses of Family Life

Lesson 82 on Different perspectives

Pupils were always interested in your personal life and, once they got to know you,  they would start asking questions.

One little boy in Mrs Reception’s class was very puzzled as to where she went in her car at the end of the day.

“Are you going to the shops, Miss?” he would ask her.

“No, I’m going home, Reece.  I go to my house,” she told him repeatedly, but he wasn’t convinced. He knew where her proper place was.  Mrs Reception belonged in school.

One day he came to her in triumph. The school nurse had been in that day doing immunisations in the sick room and he’d been past the door.

“I know where you stay!”  he claimed, proud to have uncovered her deception at last.  “I’ve seen your bed in that room there!” Then adding, just to make his evidence incontrovertible

“And the blankets!”

At the other end of the school, the girls were more realistic about home life.  One interrogated me about my personal situation.

“Are you married, Miss?”  I replied in the affirmative.

“Where’s your husband, Miss?” she continued relentlessly

” He works away,” I replied truthfully.  She smiled and leant forward confidentially.

“By, I bet you put out the flags when he goes away!”