The Bonny Blair Award for Cupidity, Spin and Evasion

The Clear Winner by a Country Mile.


Since first getting involved in the campaign to win Justice for LB, I have tried to believe that no hospital trust could be entirely without principled leadership. I kept hoping that somewhere in the management and governance of the organisation, there had to be somebody who was prepared to ask awkward questions and not be satisfied by generalities, corporate spin or glossy awards.

I admit defeat.

I’ve seen a lot of burying bad news and economy with the truth in my time, even been party to it on occasion. I’m no saint.

But even I cannot credit the calculating and bare-faced shamelessness of the treatment that LB’s family have experienced from the Health Trust responsible for the preventable death of their healthy son.

LB’s “mum” – never referred to respectfully by her professional title, Dr Ryan – was an immediate target for undermining and defensive suspicion. She committed the cardinal sin of having an honest, outspoken blog, in which she from time to time used strong language. She was also outspoken about her grief and distress, and refused to see these as unreasonably extreme. She didn’t want to be helped to conveniently “move on”. She howled and stormed online.

No wonder she was identified as a dangerous hazard. She and her sympathisers had to be silenced, obstructed and discredited at all costs. Surveillance called for!

As her spontaneous campaign for justice sprouted and grew, other worrying data and cases came to light. This does not seem to have alerted anybody governing the Health Trust to the likelihood that something, somewhere in their organisation was badly wrong. Rather it gave rise to renewed efforts to fight off any such suspicion, by fair means or foul.

So where does the story end?

There’s still a chance for someone decent at the Health Trust to suggest an alternative approach.  Something other than rendering life so unendurable for grieving families that they give up and go away.

I would love to think it might be so.

Other than that it’s the long slog through all the legal procedures to force the Trust, kicking and screaming every step of the way, to face the fact that the award they most richly deserve is the one in the title here above.


One thought on “The Bonny Blair Award for Cupidity, Spin and Evasion

  1. The managers need no knowledge or skill, they just need to be able to follow whatever policy the government has put in place for their institution,risk manage claims, and ensure good PR.
    The structures of NHS trusts and business model used is wrong.
    It is the same as that for our LAs and large charities
    All is prescribed communication and PR. Double agents, and smoke and mirrors, Everything can only be done in favour of the organisation, not the people they serve.
    Individual morality has to be left at home when you go to work otherwise you starve.
    The truth, is the only way forward and their enemy ,
    As the media are not just gagged, but create news to promote all this, whistle blowers can never get anything out.
    That is why I am suspicious of all the media coverage of LB. It can but be to serve their purpose.
    Which is to privatise NHS, and now mental health as it is hugely lucrative.
    Red Ed might be some hope, as he is so hated by most of the labour party as all is now third way,’ end justifies means’, Common Purpose.
    Party politics is dead. These people are not tories or labour they are third way totalists.
    And if we are to imbibe truth and integrity into institutions and get rid of wasteful ruthless managerialism, we need politics.


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