Lesson 83 Glimpses of Family Life 2

Lesson 83 on Kitchen sink drama

When I was at Mandy’s school, the overflow pupils from the sick room next door sometimes used to end up in my office while they waited for Mrs Nurse to come in at 10 o’clock.  They would usually sit and chat while I got on with things, but one morning I had to stop to pay attention.

Amarjeet’s weekend had been filled with a drama that rivalled Bollywood.

“My sister-in-law came round on Saturday in a right state. She came to see my Mum to plead with her about my brother. You know, my eldest brother, they got married last year. Well she’s really unhappy. She thinks he never wanted to marry her. She thinks he was in love with Mandeep!”

“Mandeep! Your cousin Mandeep? The one who works in Tescos?”

“Yes that’s right! Well my Mum was sure it wasn’t true, because Auntie told her that Mandeep had been going out with someone from work, but her Dad would have been furious if he knew, so they had to keep it quiet. ”

“So she couldn’t tell your sister-in-law then?”

“That’s right, but my sister-in-law could see she was concealing something, so she went mad and said my Mum was covering up for him and she was so miserable she was going to kill herself ! Then she grabbed a knife and tried to run out of the kitchen, but my big sister stopped her”

“So your sisters were there?”

“Oh yes and my other Auntie too and Kuldeep from next door. And then just when we had calmed her down, you’ll never guess what! Mandeep turned up and my sister-in-law went for her and accused her of trying to lure her husband away and Mandeep burst out crying, but of course she couldn’t say anything about her secret love, so she ran off into the garden and …..Yes Miss, did you say something?”

“I was just wondering what your Dad said about it all”

“Oh nothing! He didn’t know anything about it. Or my brother. Or my Uncles. They were in the front room watching the football!”


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