Lesson 75 Theory and Practice

Lesson 75 on Applying our own experience.

The third classroom that opened off the top juniors activity area was where Miss Senior worked. I only helped there from time to time.  The atmosphere in the class was cheerful and relaxed. It wasn’t that the group were any more academically motivated than other classes.  They just seemed more open to rubbing along peaceably together and Miss Senior exerted a positive, upbeat influence.

I was called in to help with a maths lesson one morning.  Some practical experimentation was planned. We were going to be investigating volume and discovering things for ourselves.  This would involve a number of different sized containers and water, so it had the potential to get messy.  Hence the need for another pair of hands.

Miss Senior had brought along a variety of familiar household containers, empty and washed out, in order to demonstrate different measures. I can’t remember the detail of the exercise, but it necessitated pouring water from larger items into smaller ones and recording our results.  A number of us got rather wet.  In the course of this we established what a litre was.

In best teacher fashion Miss Senior rounded things off by reviewing what we had learnt.

“So what do we measure in litres?” she asked, looking for somebody to come up with liquids.

“Milk!” offered one bright spark.

“Any other ideas?” questioned Miss Senior encouragingly.

“Juice!” suggested another.

“I was looking for an answer a little bit different, not just about something from the containers we’ve practised with, though you’re right, we do measure those in litres. Have a little think!” Miss Senior tried to be helpful.

The group puzzled over this. Then one boy brightened up as a light dawned. He waved his hand.

“I know, Miss!  Is it Bacardi?”


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