Lesson 7 Gaining a public profile & living with fame.

Lesson 7  in Helpfulness

One of the first surprising things I learnt after starting teaching was that I suddenly acquired a heightened level of visibility.

When I dashed to the supermarket on the corner of our street to buy tea at the end of my first day, the lady on the checkout spoke to me as she monitored my purchases.

“And how did your first day go?” she inquired conversationally.

I gaped in amazement.

“Our Kevin’s in your class!” she explained.  In our town the grapevine worked at warp speed.

The next weekend I went into the town centre to buy some suitable teacher-type clothing.  I was having some trouble building a teacher persona and I thought that might help.  After perplexed and prolonged browsing in C&As, I was surveying myself in the mirror of the changing room, when two cheerful faces appeared round the curtain followed by a couple of proffered garments.

“These would suit you, Miss!”

No trouble was too great for my Opportunity Class.

Personal shopping was just an additional service, willingly provided totally free of charge.




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