Lesson 1 in Life Skills

Lesson 1

Oops I got my days wrong!  I should be starting my 107 lessons today, so I will put this one in for today, as it seems particularly relevant to Justice for LB.

A lot further on in my career I got quite senior with my very own office, so I had some oversight of disciplinary matters.

One day a heinous crime was discovered – somebody had spilt ink on the Domestic Science flat’s carpet. It was my job to find the culprit.  The finger of suspicion pointed at the Urdu CSE group who used the flat for their lessons and actually wrote things there.

A number of my pupils were in this group.  For a while they put up with my interrogations, moral blackmail and wingeing on at assembly, but when everybody got bored with it they deputed one of their members to take me aside and put me straight.

” Miss, you’ve got it all wrong” (Speaking in a kindly fashion as to a small child)  “You’re never going to find out.”

” But why? How can you be so sure?

“Because when you do something wrong, you lie.”

“What do you mean? Always?  In any situation?”  This earned me a smile of approval. (She’s got it! By George, she’s got it!)

“But what if somebody actually sees you do it?”

“You still lie, Miss. Nobody can prove it as long as everybody else keeps quiet.”

Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings………


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