Intro 3 The Opportunity Class and Me

The Opportunity Class and me…..A Match Made in Heaven

Once upon a time long ago when they thought up comprehensive schools they had to think of something to do with the kids who had been in the bottom stream of the Sec Mods.

And thus the Opportunity Class was born.

Now you didn’t need to be rigorously assessed to end up in the Opportunity Class/Group – you just had to be somebody that no other teacher wanted in their class, for what ever reason.  (And to be fair, there was often very good reason.)

So all human life was there. The important thing to note was that you didn’t have to have some specific learning difficulty.  You basically had to find it hard to tolerate the boredom and rigidity of the mainstream classroom and demonstrate this in a manner that made it uncomfortable or inconvenient for other people.

When I finished my training the local authority phoned me up and said they had a post for me at my new local comprehensive.  “But I’m only Junior trained” I protested.  “That doesn’t matter – you’ve got a degree,” they said. “And it’s just at the bottom of your road and round the corner.”  (Evidently it also didn’t matter that my degree was not in a relevant subject and I had never in my entire life set foot in an English secondary school)

But I needed the money.  Beggars can’t be choosers.

So where does some green probationer with no experience and no appropriate qualifications end up?  You’ve got it in one – the Opportunity Class!

And it was at this point my pupils (and their many and varied successors) began to take in hand my professional and personal education.

107 of their lessons follow……..



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