Lesson 9. Our Favourite Things

Lesson 9. on The Perils and Joys of Not Being Prepared.

The best thing about teaching my groups was the freedom to do just what we liked. The only constraints were the resources available. A valuable piece of advice from Mrs Star was “Get to the stock cupboard first!”

When it came to the class reader I hadn’t much idea what the Opportunity Group liked so I took two spokespersons with me to the stock cupboard to advise me. They chose “Charlotte’s Web”.

One of the bigger lads complained it was a baby book, but the group consensus was against him.

As a confident sight reader (in childhood I had won medals at the Arbroath Festival of Speech and Drama) I seldom prepared class reader lessons. We just had a nice storytime. I read and they doodled or put their heads down or even followed the story in their book. It was our quiet time.

It all went swimmingly until we got to the last chapter. Nobody warned me Charlotte died!! 

I don’t know how we got to the end.  I could scarcely read without my voice breaking and everyone was sniffing or gulping.

But somehow we made it through until the bell released us.

And the shared experience was such a bond that it was agreed that in future the group would always democratically select the class reader (and make very sure we got to the stock cupboard first).


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