To begin at the beginning……..

How I became a teacher 

  • I needed the money
  • I needed to have the school holidays
  • It was a time of immense teacher shortage & they would take on anyone

You will see I did not have a calling.

How I was trained

  • In desperation the government had set up one year accelerated Teacher Certificate courses
  • All you needed was a degree (of any sort) or equivalent
  • There were 24 in my year – 3 women with degrees, 3 ex art students who couldn’t think of anything else to do & 18 men redundant from engineering and heavy industry.

You will see that vocation was thin on the ground.

Our practical apprenticeship was in the hands of schools in one of the poorest areas of the country where the traditional industries had plunged into decline. 

To cap it all, it was the era of the Three Day Week. Electricity was switched off on a rotational basis for hours at a time to conserve energy resources on account of all the strikes.

 And despite everything IT WAS GREAT FUN!!!


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